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DMB group is known for is fresh & good quality sweets & dairy products. The credit for all the fresh & healthy food goes to the lush green farms of DMB group spread in more than 100 acres of land in a village near Jaipur, which exist with an objective to provide fresh, unadulterated food products to the customers grown with utmost care and sensitiveness of end customers health.

DMB farm organically grows fodder for the cows which helps them maintain a good health ultimately result in a good yield of milk which is used to prepare DMB special sweets & Ghee.

Apart from the cows fooder, Wheat, Green Vegetables, Corn, Maize is also grown in the farm, which is utilised as the raw material for producing the savories & namkeens.

DMB Farm has a cowshed which rears more than 450 cows taken care by more than 40 workers. The huge workforce is appointed to keep a tab on the well being of the cows health, sanitation, diet & activity. Cows of DMB Gaushala are reared with utmost love & care with intelligently planned resting, bathing, feeding & milking area.

The cowsheds are maintained by skilled workers who assures cleaniness & health of the cows.

DMB Production Plant is well equipped with a state of the art Quality Control Lab. This was established in August 2016 with an objective to keep a check on the quality of the raw ingredients, produced food item along with keeping a keen eye on the input Raw Material Check, Product Making Process Check, Product Batch check before packaging.

The lab is monitored by team of highly skilled lab technicians and food specialists who keeps a tab on Chemical Testing of food, Adulteration Testing, Physical Testing to maintain the quality of the food item produced & packaged in the DMB factory

Our Happy Customers

Raj Singh

The food and sweets are awesome.

Abhishek Singh

Masala Dosa & their dal bati is superb

Mohit Sharma

Best Sweets & gift hampers available in Jaipur